The President should not be elected by the citizens, or the one elected President should not have to be elected again. Son or daughter of the person who is elected as president, or once becomes the president should be the following head of the state, the president. If the head of state becomes a political person, or if the head of state favors only one political side, the stability of the state, politics, and economy will be disrupted, the state and the nation will fall apart.

A dynasty required to keep the state stable and secure away from the enemies of the constitution.
A dynasty is required to keep the state stable and secure away from the enemies of the constitution.

The Presidency should pass from father to son. Because the parliamentary kingdom is the most appropriate form of state government. Shura-i Devlet (The “State Council” or the “Council”) should be summoned by the President to have a congress, twice in Spring and Autumn, every year. The council should just work mainly two or three months and then decide on the long-term policies, with its recommendations. The Council should go and submit their decisions to the President with a ceremony and close its session. The Council should not work in winter and summer. During these seasons, the members of the State Council should be in touch with the public. On the other hand, the current meaningless National Security Council will not be replaced by the State Council. Because the National Security Council shall serve with members elected as required by the previous constitution, not with the members of the government. Because there is no need to replicate the government.


There shall be the senate and parliament. The majority of the Senate should be appointed by the President upon the advice of the State Council and the National Security Council. The rest of the members of the Senate should be designated by both the government and the parliament. The Senate should have legislative power that approves or disapproves the legislative acts issued, by the parliament. However, the government and parliament should separately be able to be elected by the citizens.


The kingdom is the most appropriate form of government as experienced well in Europe. All countries ruled by a kingdom in Europe are welfare countries. They are also the most stable and prosperous countries. Countries ruled by other kingdoms in the world are also stable and prosperous countries to the extent that they pay attention to the importance of Parliamentarism and Democracy. It is a fact that most of these countries apply both socialist and capitalist economies together. Just like in Atatürk’s era. Even China acknowledged the correctness of this administrative style and appointed their president to serve until his death. Even Russia is trying the same way for Putin. Atatürk’s Statism principle is applied in all these countries. Atatürk’s principle of Statism is the general politics of these countries in terms of both economic and social state. Even China accepted and applied a mixed economic model which Atatürk had made the transition from nothing by applying a mixed economic model in Turkey. Thus, China has become a superpower with a mixed economic model. That is why the Presidency should pass from father to son to stabilize the political tension, maintain stability and the mixed economic system should be applied again to recover from the economic disasters. The United States is now at the stage of being divided and disintegrating, as it is now beginning to transform into socialism and will begin to transition to communism in the near future. Because after the dissolution of the Kennedy family there is no longer any possibility of having another dynasty that would unite the nation that would ensure political stability at the head of the State. Because the character of the Presidential System divides the nation and state since the State gets polarized and thus falls apart due to the conflicts of the political parties in the Presidential System.  Thus the US is now in the phase of fragmentation. This is the main characteristic of the dissolution of the US but there are other factors accelerating separation such as heavy tax burdens for the foreign activities of the Democrats and Globalists on the local states in federalism.


From now on, I should get back to my subject, to discuss my suggestions for my proposal that is the new political system. The State Council should immediately be summoned to their duty with a ceremony by the Head of State, the President, to have their first congress. The government and parliament should be elected at separate times. I mean, the government and parliament should be elected by the citizens in separate elections. My advice is to elect the government every two years and the Parliament every three years. Government and parliament buildings must be far from each other and in separate locations. The State Council shall be a congress that will give recommendations in the direction and administration of the President of the Republic. The State Council should be composed of military and civilian retired bureaucracy, intellectuals, painters, musicians, artists, actresses, teachers, businessmen, merchants, workers, etc. The State Council shall not be an institution or a state body above the President. The State Council should be a provisional congress, elected by the President, which will assist the President of the Republic, and hold its meetings at least every two seasons each year, making recommendations to the President for the general policy of the country. The State Council should solely be funded by the Presidency. Such a State Council may consist of 500 or 1000 citizens, or even more when required.

Ministers and ambassadors should take office after being approved by both the Senate and Parliament by an absolute majority of their members.

Government and parliamentary elections should be held in two rounds in accordance with fair representation. The political party with the most votes in the general elections should win the elections as the government. Among those who reside in legal residences with an income tax declaration for more than six months, those who have completed the age of 15 should participate and vote in the general elections.

In addition, these citizens should also elect the police chiefs for Security Managers (Asayish Security Managers), tax collectors, and security court judges (Asayish Courts) in provinces and districts. Because tax deductions will be applied to citizens who declare tax and gain tax advantage according to their income when buying goods and services such as cars and houses. Thus, as an example, a citizen buying a car or any good shall not pay high taxes again since he or she had declared and paid tax in the previous fiscal year. And, all criminal courts shall be abolished or their members should be dismissed in Turkey. Instead, local regional Constitution Criminal Courts (as mentioned in my previous article), Security (Asayish) Courts, and  Courts for Public Order shall be set up. 

Police chiefs of “Public Order” in districts and provinces should be assigned by the Government. Such Police chiefs of “Public Order” should be educated, trained, and authorized to start to his or her duty by the President. For public order, such police should preferably be educated and trained in police colleges to be opened in Belgrade and Lviv. Thus, because there is no ethnic, religious, sectarian, or interest relationship, Serbian and Ukrainian policemen do not divide the society and do not discriminate against the citizens while they are on duty according to class, ethnic or religious denominations. Because, let’s say that the Islamic-fascist power is gone in our country, and the Islamic fascist government is replaced by the communist government, then this time the dictatorship of the proletariat in our country shall make ideological and class discrimination. In this regard, we must remember and keep in mind that we had selected the best and high-quality Devshirme from Serbia and Podolia. Devshirme does not take sides or favor one side to another, they do not become political supporters in politics, religion, or sectarianism. Devshirme just becomes the side of the President, that is to say, the State. In this system, anti-democratic, autocratic totalitarian militants, i.e. Islamic Fascists, the Cults, Communists, and their cells embedded in the State are automatically liquidated or purged out by the President and the judicial system in accordance with the Constitution and the Laws.

Such a political system will never allow anti-democratic authoritarian and totalitarian parties, i.e the Islamist, fascist or communist parties, that is, the enemies of the constitution, to seize the state organs and steal the state treasury and its tax revenues. This system shall also never allow the occurrence of parallel state organizations, to defraud the state and the nation.

In this political system, the President shall also not need to allow financing of the paramilitary troops of anti-democratic, autocratic, or totalitarian movements or parties i.e. Islamic fascists or communists.

Such a political system will increase and ensure citizens’ loyalty to the state.

Such a political system will bring wealth and prosperity by increasing the tax revenues. Thus,  public financing of the giant publicly owned enterprises and investments of the state will be set up easier. Consequently, the state treasury shall be full of gold and precious metals, as well as foreign currencies because of the nature of the loyal and stable political and economic system. Because, such a safe and prosperous state will be a country where wealth-owners will entrust their wealth and investors can invest safely. 

In this political system, no political party and their militants or any ethnic or religious group may even think or attempt to violate the laws and constitution since the outcomes of their attempts would heavily be punished immediately.

Thus, in the political system I offered, the life of the State can be extended by at least a few hundred years; otherwise, a member of an ethnic and separatist terrorist organization supported by the media which sold its spirit and future to imperialism may be elected in the alleged hope of democracy by the citizens, as the subsequent president, but not another imam. If it happens, eventually, the Turkish state and the Nation would be put at secession risk, politically and ethnically divided, like the states in the Middle East, Africa and Balkans, i.e. Syria-Iraq, Libya, Sudan and Yugoslavia.

If there is no parliamentary democracy and dynasty, the state will eventually collapse because it is weakened by political polarization. Without a dynasty, the state could evolve into a monopoly and mafia economic and social order. Such a state, the treasury of such state, and its tax revenues are not resistant to the encroachment of economic, ethnic and social classes and religious groups. Such a state without an owner, a dynasty, can not balance between different social, economic and ethnic groups.  

A state without a dynasty, and a state without Council and Senate as consulting and administrative organs, that is to say, in the absence of highly educated and experienced civil, military, experienced bureaucracy who are retired as a group in the administration (especially since they are regarded as progressive culture and by having effective political influence) is doomed to misery civil war and ultimately disintegration.

The President who does not come to power with an election must be symbolic, only.

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