Rebuilding a state

Can a state be formed in Turkey from the economic and political collapse left behind by Irtija’s unsuccessful counter-revolution? My answer is yes from the beginning of this article. Since the resistance against the Islamic fascist regime in Iran started, reactionism in Turkey stopped further delaying the project of taking Islamism and ethnic discrimination under constitutional protection. The reactionaries in Turkey are planning to make constitutional amendments in partnership with the Republican People’s Party Administration, with the cell structures that infiltrated the other party administrations, to remove secularism and nationalism from the constitution. First of all, they are planning to divide the country based on regionalism by taking their regional mob administrations veiled under the names of the political parties, associations or foundations under constitutional protection to avoid the control of the central government that may be overtaken by the secularists in the upcoming elections. And ultimately with such changes in the constitution, they are aiming to introduce provisions that will eventually and constitutionally protect Kurdistan and Islamism in the state regime. Since all these plans have no political and economic legitimacy, the current political power will soon have to declare a general amnesty to gain the support of the voters. However, since the government is not elected on the date in the temporary 21st article of the constitution, and thus lacks a constitutional basis, the government may eventually not be able to benefit from the provisions of the general amnesty. And in response to such political actions of the reactionaries to remove secularism, republicism and nationalism from the constitution, the Republican People’s Party has likely to convene an extraordinary congress and change its chairman. Essentially, the members of the Republican People’s Party might think that it is necessary to change the chairman and the administration because it is inevitable that the Republican People’s Party administrations will have constitutional responsibility. The rationale behind this might be the negative impressions among the voters being discussed due to the twenty-year secret coalition partnership that the administrations of the Republican People’s Party have maintained with the government. Since the economic and political collapse, recession and devaluation are likely to occur sooner than expected, the worst near reality may be the absence of political power in Turkey. In this case, political planning should be done according to the possibility that the founder of the state, the Republican People’s Party, may have to take over the political power in Turkey, that is, the political and economic wreckage. In short, the Republican People’s Party does not have much time to prepare to establish the new Turkish State from the political and economic wreckage.

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