CALL AND LEGAL OPTIONS BEFORE THE CONSTITUTIONAL COURT FOR 13 TURKISH COMMANDERS PUT IN PRISON BY the reactionists. The article on this link was written by Prof. Dr. Ahmet SALTIK MD, BSc, LLM. However, my legal opinion on the results of such judicial activities is as follows: The courts should reject the case procedural without going into the merits of the political cases before it, determining that the issue is not legal but political. And such courts must immediately withdraw themselves from such political cases. Such cases should be reported to the president immediately by such courts directly, and the necessary political sanctions and political punishments should be taken and carried out sensitively by the president immediately. The reason for that the courts cannot make any political decisions. Those who decide on political issues, that is, judges and those who give such political orders to the judges, are punished only politically by the president of the Republic of Turkey, regardless of whether they have an organizational affiliation (involvement), or not. The use of the judiciary for political purposes, namely the establishment, continuation of political power, or taking political vengeance, is not a crime that should be forgiven or endured. It is the crime of destroying the constitution and the state, which must be compensated socially and politically by punishing the perpetrators with the heaviest political punishment in public in order to restore the republican values in the hearts and the mind of the nation. Thus, only such heavy political punishments executed by the president of the republic in public on those perpetrators or traitors, by means of a politically correct way may provide the political power to re-set up and maintain its endless constitutional order.

Organizational affiliation is not the aggravating factor in the punishments to be given to the judges in the regimes where the legislative, executive and judicial powers are used by the same party, (due to the political trials they make and the political decisions they take). The aggravating factor is only the political crime of overthrowing the Democratic and Secular Constitution and destroying the state. This crime has no place in the Turkish criminal code. In other words, they can only be punished politically by the president of the republic. Determination of organizational affiliation is proof of the desire to collapse the constitution and the state within the organizational hierarchy. Political punishment should be duly carried out immediately by the president.

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