I purchase gold bars at wholesale prices

I am assisting my client to buy your gold. I buy gold wholesale. If you bring your gold to Istanbul I will buy it on the same date. I buy your gold immediately and pay you on the same day.

Gold sales for 99.95% or better purity are required by law to be made officially, at the Istanbul Gold Exchange. The refinery of such gold at least 995/1000 purity must be a member of LBMA. Such gold sales are realized actually and authenticated by the intranet system as per the gold laws and regulations, at the Istanbul Gold Exchange.

However, if your gold is less than 995/1000 purity (except 995/1000 purity), then I buy your gold at the refinery in Istanbul, not Istanbul Gold Exchange.

I pay instant cash for all gold sales, that are realized as actual and spot transactions on the same day

Gold sales are done for immediate delivery.

Both types of gold trading are actual spot trading. I do not make any forward or option contracts for gold trading. I do gold trade as a spot transaction, only. Spot gold trades involve gold traded for immediate delivery on the table on a specified date. Your gold quote meaning your discount from the LBMA rate you gave me, is a “spot price” on your delivery date, so I do not get a predetermined another “futures” or “forward” price from you in advance.


The sales price of your Gold is determined in accordance with our discount regarding LBMA on the date of actual sales. As an operational result, there is no need for “Proof of Product” and/or “Proof of Funds”, in advance.

Same day payment

You can bring your gold and get paid on the same day

Cash or bank transfer

Payments are made by cash or bank transfer on the date of the sales.

No prepayment

I do not pay you any money in advance for your shipment or transport of your gold. Also, please do not ask me to pay you any money for your local taxes in your country.

No bank guarantee in advance

I also do not give you any bank guarantee for payment, before you bring your gold physically to the Refinery or the Istanbul Gold Exchange. Because, in the absence of your physical Gold on the table, there is no possibility to trade your gold, as a spot sales transaction.

Same day payment

I pay you on the same day if you bring your gold until 10:00 am, then I can pay for your Gold between 16:00 pm and 17:00 pm.

Deliveries made after 10:00 am shall be paid on the next business day.

Bank transfers

Keep in mind that you will bear the cost of bank transfers. The SWIFT standard field 71A (“Details of Charges”): BEN (“Beneficiary Pays the Costs”). If you want cash I can also pay you cash on the same day.

Trial period

Just deliver me your Gold up to 1 or 1,5 tons every day in the beginning during the first week.

Sell me 500 tons of gold every two weeks

After your 3-5 deliveries, I will increase the tonnage depending on your supply capacity, up to 500 tons every two weeks.

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