We buy gold and pay you cash on the same day!

I will assist in purchasing a high amount of gold for my client, during the next thirty-six (36) Months.

If you are willing to supply us with a high amount of gold in Turkey each month regularly, please contact us by sending your quote with our discount.

Terms and Conditions

We can purchase gold up to 500 Metric Tonnes every two weeks.

The gold you will sell us, may either be Standard Unprocessed Gold or Non-standard unprocessed Gold. Non-standard unprocessed gold means gold in the form of bullion, bar or dôre bar of less than 995/1000 purity (except 995/1000 purity). This type of gold that we will buy, might have been refined by any refinery in the World; however, if you would like to supply us Standard unprocessed gold that is in the form of bars or ingots of at least 995/1000 purity, then this type of Gold should have been refined by any refinery which is a member of LBMA.

Please, do not offer us gold if you require us to pay you in advance, for any reason. We will neither make you an upfront payment for any reason, nor issue any “Letter of Credit”, since we are not willing to take the possession and responsibility of your gold until we legally buy and acquire it. We can not send you MT103/23, MT799, MT760 or any type of banking or financial instrument. Also, we will neither issue any “Standby Letter of Credit” nor give you any “Bank Guarantee”, in the absence of gold physically at a refinery or the Gold Exchange in Istanbul, without being sure about the purity of your gold. If we are sure, that your Non-standard unprocessed Gold physically exists at the counters of a refinery or Gold Exchange in Istanbul, then we will pay you cash, immediately right after the refinery report and a certificate of Gold Setting House are both issued for your Non-standard unprocessed Gold! In order to be sure about your Non-standard unprocessed Gold, your gold must be delivered by you, to the refinery in Istanbul, gold report must be issued by a refinery and gold certificate should have been issued by a Gold Setting House in Istanbul. For Standard Unprocessed Gold, the process is simple: Non-standard unprocessed Gold is detected by a machine in Istanbul Gold Exchange. We will bear all the duties, taxes and costs from the airport until you are paid the agreed amount of money for your gold in full as per our agreement, provided that the gold you brought to the Istanbul Airport is at least one hundred (100) tonnes. In either case, we shall handle all customs clearance, at the Istanbul Airport and organize security transport from the airport to the refinery or Istanbul Gold Exchange.

Importing and Registering Gold with Istanbul Gold Exchange (‘IGE’)

Our buying process and requirements will be as follows: As per the local laws and regulations, the seller and/or the buyer must physically bring and import the gold into Turkey, register the Gold with IGE via a -licensed and official-Custom Commissioner” and a -licensed and official- “Gold Broker” to refine them in a refinery to cast bullions so that we can pay you the amount as agreed. 

Such a process is automatically going to be operated by us with our official Custom Commissioners, official Refineries, and IGE, throughout our law office in Istanbul and our -licensed and official- Gold Brokers, under the local and international laws and regulations.

Customs clearance of the golds may only be processed by only the registered, licensed, and certified gold brokers for and on behalf of the Seller and/or Buyer, through the IGE in Turkey. Gold brokers are also required to be a member of the IGE.

My duty is to make the due diligence of the process and documents and then secure, schedule, and arrange gold orders, for the imports and sales in confidence, depending on the workload of each gold broker and gold refinery as per their schedules. Consequently,

You will bring your gold on your own to Istanbul Airport and we will make the customs clearance of your gold to import them all for you, from the custom without paying any tax and charges.

If you bring more than hundred (100) tonnes of god, there will be some amount of official payment that we will pay for the quick analysis of the gold at the custom right before importing the gold, together with some small amounts of import charges. We will pay them all in cash on time for you. The term “Small” is a relative term, since the amount and the value of the gold imported will be too high.

There will also be 0,2% “Official Charge” imposed by the IGE to register the gold with the IGE, that we will pay for your behalf in three (3) Days in cash, right after importing your Gold.

Shortly, we will pay all costs, expenses, official charges, fees, from the date of arrival of the gold to the Istanbul Airport, until the Seller is paid in full by us, except the bank commissions, for their money transfers abroad. We do not bear the banking commissions for your transfers. However, the Seller shall bear the 9 ‰cost of the processing fee for the conversion of the golds, and the determination of the rate or amount of gold in the bars, bullions, or ingots by the Gold Setting House and/or Istanbul Gold Exchange if such gold percentage determining process would be done without refining the gold.

We will finalize all those operations for import, refinery, and IGE. Also, we will pay for all such costs on time in cash to such official authorities for an on behalf of the Seller i.e. Custom Office, IGE, and Vendors, etc. This will create a big benefit and profit for the Seller since we will bear all such costs.

We will submit all payment slips to you once we make each payment.

Remember! You will keep the property rights of your gold until you are paid by us in full.

Shipment and Transportation of the Gold within Turkey

We will arrange all the shipments in Turkey with “Loomis”, “Brinks” or any other similar local courier company depending our choice and their daily schedules. Local courier companies for courrier are all -licensed and official- to carry precious metals.

If your shipments from abroad are below 100 Tonnes of Gold, then we will share the cost of all such local shipments and transportations costs from customs to the refinery so we will deduct the half of such costs from the payments that we will pay to you after we purchase your gold. We will submit the invoice.

Cash your Gold!

Custody of the Gold, Testing and Refinery

If you bring us Non-standard unprocessed Gold, you will bring and keep it in the custody of a gold refinery in Istanbul (European Side). The gold refineries are all official members of the IGE and from time to time, such refinery may ship some of those Golds to the other gold refineries proportionally depending on their workload for such gold processing as per their schedules, regarding the pre-arrangements, made with the other gold refineries. All the refineries are members of the IGE.

In such case, the gold refinery will schedule and inform us the names and the locations of the other gold refineries at least one week before such process, depending their capacities beginning from the small, medium and large size of such other gold refineries and then such refinery will plan and allocate such workload as per their own sizes and daily refining capacities.

The transportation of golds will be operated between refineries with “Loomis”, “Brinks” or any other similar local courier company depending on our choice from their vaults of the refineries.

Bring your gold get your cash!

Gold refineries may first test your gold with a special machine so that they can issue their own official Gold Certificates. Or the refineries will refine your gold and then cast the gold bullions and give you the gold bullions.

After such gold refineries test or refine your gold, the Gold Setting Houses (“Ayar Evi”) shall issue their official Gold Certificates, and then we will pay you cash on the same day, over the buying rate of IGEminus our discount. In other words, we will deduct our discount from the buying rate of IGE, as agreed with our contract, and then pay you the remaining amount, as the price. And we will send your money, as cash into your bank account on the same day, latest in three (3) days (depending of the amount)! However, you will have to bear all such bank commissions for such money transfer and bank charges. We will not bear the cost of money transfer into your bank account so the bank commissions for your money transfer from our bank to your bank shall be deducted by our bank from the money being sent to your bank account. In this case, your bank also may charge you fees and costs in order to credit your bank account held by them.


Let’s say, you had brought your Non-standard unprocessed Gold into Turkey on Thursday or Friday and Brinks, Loomis or any other similar local courier company dropped your gold at the gold refinery on Monday after the custom commissioner imported them, then we will send your money on upcoming Friday and/or latest upcoming Monday. Such process is shorter for the Standard unprocessed Gold.

Traders welcome!

All traders are very welcome for the gold trade!

We will do our best, to protect your rights and interests, even we can pay your commissions as gold bullion or cash in Turkey in the case we are permitted by the Seller, to deduct your commissions, from their payments; however, we will only discuss the details of the gold purchase and payments, with the real owners of the Gold. It means, we can not start and proceed to purchase gold without meeting with the real owner of the gold before we sign any agreement with them to purchase the gold. So, you should make sure, that you have already secured your rights and interests with your Seller at the beginning and introduce the real owner of the Gold with us.

Traders, Suppliers and Sellers

We will pay you cash, for the Gold!

However, after the sales and purchase of the gold, the Sellers will need to send their money abroad on time and close their file of the gold imported, at the custom, as declared while importing your gold in Turkey. This is required by laws and regulations in Turkey.

All such process of the import, sales and purchase will be handled and finalized by us together with custom broker, refinery and IGE after you submit the papers of your bank transfer made by us to your account related to the money we paid you. We will also arrange and assist you to finalize all such requirements to send your money safely from Turkey and close your file with the custom and the banks.

How to start?

Just send us the gold analysis report with your quote. If we agree, then I will send you the contract.

Any query?

Please, ask me if you have any query! I would be happy to answer all your questions if you had any.

One call that’s all!

Call me or text me from my Viber/WhatsApp: +90 (533) 374-8025

Or, send me your questions by using the contact form of my Blog.

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