Filing lawsuit and making criminal complaint in Turkey, is easy

Lawsuits in Turkey are all online except hearings and managed by the UYAP System in the Republic of Turkey

If you want to file a case with judicial system or complain to the prosecutor’s office, please write the entire issue by clicking here and send us the pictures or scanned copies of all relevant documents by attaching them to your message; subsequently,

If you have any questions after we have notified you of the Account Statement and the Fees and Expenses for legal proceedings, please consult us in writing in the same way above.

You can also call us and ask us any detail you want to clarify with us.

There will be no charge imposed by us for the consultations in these two ways above both in writing and phone conversation.

You can follow up all of your lawsuits filed through UYAP System.

Criminal complaints are filed by the prosecutor in cooperation with the police or any other public authority.

Civil complaints are filed by the real or legal persons directly by the real or real persons or with the cooperation of licensed lawyer(s).

In some cases, such as commercial matters, parties must go to mediation first and then to the courts.

You can reach detailed information by clicking here about, how to file and manage your legal matters in the territory of the Republic of Turkey.

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