Invest in Montenegro!

Why should you invest in Montenegro? You should open up your company in Montenegro because of investment opportunities in 2019! Just click here to read the article published by Forbes and decide the conditions and investment climate in Montenegro. Also, you may be interested in reading further information published by European Investment bank by clicking here about investing or incorporating in Montenegro.

Setting up company in Montenegro or establishing company in Montenegro so easy!

The cost

The cost of “Setting up a Company”, obtaining “Work Permit” and “Resident Permit” in Montenegro are all totally 2.200 Eur.

In Montenegro, establishing company, opening company bank account, obtaining “Work Permit” and “Resident Permit” has never been that much lesser cost, and in shorter period of time, in Montenegro for foreigners. You can pay this amount with installments if you have Credit Card issued by a bank in Turkey. In this price, the “Service Fee” for setting up the company, the “Business Address” for the Company together with the services` fees for obtaining “Work Permit” and “Resident Permit”, are all included. In addition, all taxes and State charges related to all those processes, are also included.

Time frame to set up company in Montenegro

The process for setting up the company lasts four (4) or five (5) days, from the day of obtaining the “Power of Attorney” issued by the investor. In other words, the process for setting up company lasts four (4) or five (5) days beginning from the day of delivery of the “Power of Attorney” by the courier company to our office in Montenegro.

Time frame to obtain Work Permit and Resident Permit in Montenegro

The process for obtaining Work Permit is lasting approximately fifteen (15) Days from the day of the application and the Resident Permit is also obtained in the same period. Our client must come to Montenegro to apply for work permit.

This is legally required transaction. Visa is not required to enter into Montenegro. Some people or companies are misleading their clients, by not inviting them to Montenegro in order to apply for “Work Permit”. This is not legally correct so our clients have to come to Montenegro in order to apply for “Work Permit” and “Resident Permit”.

Visiting Montenegro for the application of work permit and & opening company bank account

Please keep in mind, that all such process -except the application for “Work Permit”- can be started and concluded by our lawyers in Montenegro with a “Power of Attorney” given by our client. However our clients have to come to Montenegro to apply for the Work Permit. Clients must also come to Montenegro to sign the papers in the bank, in order to open Company Bank Account, for the company. The client can sign such bank form when he or she comes to Montenegro to apply for Work Permit.

Starting to the process

To start to the process, first of all, the client should first visit a nearest notary in his or her own country, in order to issue a Power of Attorney for our lawyers in Montenegro. For this purpose, our lawyers registered to Bar Association in Montenegro shall prepare and send us a sample Power of Attorney, in Word format translated into the language of the client. After our client obtains notarization for her or his Power of Attorney, the Power of Attorney should immediately be sent via UPS/FedEx or DHL to our office in Montenegro. However, please do not forget to get Apostille for the “Power of Attorney”, before sending it to our office in Montenegro. The client should also annex his or her certificate of Criminal Record (not older than six Months) and his or her high school or university diploma, with the list of the exams or lessons, into such parcel. All those documents must have “Apostille” seal, except the Criminal Record. Since the State of Montenegro finally agreed to start to the processes related with criminal records without Apostil, you do not have to obtain Apostille for the Criminal Record. So, the criminal records can be obtained from Internet without having Apostil and sent to us without Apostil, to our office in Montenegro.

European Investment Bank and the Western Balkans: A concrete support.

Registered address in Montenegro

When our client comes to Montenegro, the client must also find and obtain, a Residency Address. His or her lease agreement for such Residency Address must at least for a year term. We are always able to refer you a realtor, to find you a home or apartment for your residency in Montenegro, before your arrival to Montenegro or after you arrival to Montenegro. In further, the client must have one domicile address, in order to register himself of herself in the tourist organization because this is a condition required, for obtaining the work permit and resident permit. Usually, clients solve this problem with a realtor. Realtors find apartment or home for the client. Thus, the client can have a rental agreement for an apartment or house to live in. In other words, the actual address where the clients lives may be different than the registered address because the client have the right to live in any address they wish. For this purpose, we also can provide you a domicile address with a year contract. This monthly price would be just 75 Eur.  Be aware: The client must make registration in the tourist organization of the town, where he wants to apply for “Work Permit” and “Resident Permit”, within 24h from the entrance into Montenegro.

Medical Checkup in Montenegro at arrival

When the client arrives in Montenegro we need to do one quick medical check (This is just a formality). For this purpose, our guide will escort you to the medical unit for the check up. This is included in the total price above.

The documents required for opening a company in Montenegro 

  • The company name.
  • The copy of the passport of the founder of the company.
  • The address of the founder.
  • The notarized and apostilled “Power of Attorney” issued by the founder of the company.
  • The information about the main activity of the company.
  • The “Company Address” in case the client have one already; otherwise, we can provide a “Company Address”.
  • The copy of the passport of executive director of the company. The address, and the limitations of her or his powers for authorizations if there is any limitation for the powers given. 
  • The rest of documentation shall be prepared by our lawyers in Montenegro.

The documents required for “Temporary Work” and “Resident Permit”

  • Copy of the Passport.
  • School diploma (together with the list of exams or lessons).
  • Criminal record certificate (not older than six months).


Other than the list above, our lawyers in Montenegro will prepare all the rest of the documents, follow up all the rest of the transactions and conclude them all. 

When our client arrives to Montenegro, the company will have been set up already, and all the documents except the medical check will be ready so the client will just need to apply for the “Work Permit” and “Resident Permit”.

If you have any further question please do not hesitate to ask us by sending us a message from the contact section of our website. 

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