Judiciary, Parliament and the Tax system are the three most corrupt sectors in Bulgaria, shows an analysis of the Global Corruption Barometer of Transparency International for 2016, according to the Bulgarian National Radio.

The study was made among 60,000 citizens from 42 countries in Europe and Central Asia.

One in three people living in Europe and Central Asia thinks corruption is one of the biggest problems facing their country. Nearly a third of citizens across the region believe that their government officials and lawmakers are highly corrupt and a majority of people say their governments are not doing enough to stop corruption.

One in three people particularly in Bulgaria thinks the corruption in the judicial system is a serious problem.

Citizens in France and Portugal are the most likely to think that it is socially acceptable to report a case of corruption (74% and 78% respectively) with around 3/4 or more agreeing. People in countries like Hungary, Croatia, and Bulgaria are far less likely to agree – only around 15% think it is acceptable to report corruption. According to the report of Transparency International, people in these parts of the EU detecting cases of corruption is socially unacceptable behaviour.

People believe that reporting is equivalent to betrayal. Otherwise the main reasons for the lack of activity are the fear of negative consequences and mistrust in the institutions.

Around 22% of interviewed people in Bulgaria indicated that corruption is difficult to prove and 17% responded that ‘nothing can be done and changed’.

About 10% of respondents in Bulgaria have no opinion on the subject.

Most EU member states in the survey have very low bribery rates of one in 20 or fewer households paying a bribe in the past 12 months.

On average, one in six households paid a bribe when they accessed public services. Although fewer households paid bribes for public services in many EU member states, rates were significantly higher further east; the highest rates were in Tajikistan (50%), Moldova (42%), Azerbaijan, the Kyrgyz Republic and Ukraine (38%), and Russia (34%). Romania had the highest rate for an EU member state at 29%, followed by Lithuania with 24%. In Bulgaria this percentage is around 20%, with citizens mostly paying bribes about health care and education. – See more at: Link.

Source: Transparency International: Judicial System is Bulgaria’s Most Corrupt Sector – Novinite.com – Sofia News Agency

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